Distract yourself from the normal

Some things that help distract and keep one busy. At least these are the things that I enjoy.

GetGlue – check into things…get cool stickers.

No More Rack  – check in every day at noon to get really awesome deals. Sometimes the insanity deals can get you a Louis bag for 10 bucks. No lie.

Tell Me How You Really Feel–   Have something to say about somethin…here’s the place to do it. I vent to this site about 10 times a day about anything and everything. It’s like an unmoderated bitching board. I think today I’ll go and complain about my …well everything. Cuz I can.

My Tumblr Blog  – Lord knows it’s interesting. I’m uber special…

StumblUpon – go click the stumbl button and see where it takes ya. I press this buttons for hours and hours and hours and hours on end.

Instant Streaming Netflix

Damn you autocorrect   maybe my most favorite thing in the world ever….



Twitter – follow me @talithaketeri

Popcap Online Games

Living Social


Ebaums World


Post Secret

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  1. Hey Tali how did things go with u the other day with the biobsies? I don’t spell to great sorry…..i hope u got sum good rest from all the problem solving:) I was wondering if u would look on you tube under Plaques of Prophecy live in J.C.? My son Matthew play drums for them…they are a technical heavy metal band….we live in a small city Elizabethton, TN…they finally recorded a cd with steam roller records….it’s pretty good….take a listen and let me kno what u think….this city is so small and country fied i believe it mite b hard for them to rise up and start making the good money…..it’s really good…..thought i would talk about something different other than the obvious…..hope i’m not bothering u or anything…..i hope u enjoy the cd let me kno what u think….thanks alot….Melinda Hill


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